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Late June to Early August 2015 CAMES Summer Arabic Programs at the American University of Beirut Early Admission: mid-Feb. 2015; Regular Admission: Apr. 2015.

American University of Beirut

CAMES Summer Arabic Programs
Late June to Early August 2015

The Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies at the American University of Beirut will offer two intensive Arabic language programs in the summer of 2015: Modern Standard Arabic instruction at eight different levels in which Lebanese colloquial is integrated and Colloquial Lebanese Arabic at the intermediate level. Both programs will run from late June until early August 2015. The application deadline for early admission is in mid February 2015 and the deadline for regular admission is in mid April 2015. The program in Modern Standard Arabic includes a typical daily workload of six classroom hours followed by lectures, field trips, clubs and movies which are an integral part of the program. Students should expect around four hours of homework per day. The total of 186 classroom hours is equivalent to 9 credit hours at AUB and may easily be transferred to other universities. The MSA program uses the Georgetown Arabic language textbooks by Brustad, al-Batal, and al-Tonsi and other supplementary materials, many of which were developed by CAMES faculty. The program is highly demanding and requires a total commitment from students. Admission priority is given to academics and students who are taking the course as part of their academic careers. All applicants are required to have completed at least one semester of college or university study or the equivalent before being accepted. Students who are accepted in the MSA program will sit for a placement exam on the first day of the program. This exam, together with the information provided in the application and the required Arabic writing sample will determine the level of Arabic instruction appropriate for MSA applicants. The program in Colloquial Lebanese Arabic at the intermediate level is designed for students who already have some knowledge of Lebanese Arabic and wish to reach a higher level. Applicants are required to have already studied Modern Standard Arabic for at least two semesters. The course includes 120 classroom hours and uses teaching materials developed by CAMES. Lebanese films, songs, and other audiovisual materials are also used. The 6 credit hours earned at AUB may easily be transferred to other universities. Applicants to the Colloquial program will be interviewed via Skype to determine their level. All instructors teaching in both the Modern Standard Arabic program and in the Colloquial Lebanese Arabic program are native speakers of Arabic who hold degrees in related fields. All have extensive experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language in the Middle East, in Europe and in the United States. AUB will provide students attending the program with accommodation on AUB campus, health insurance and access to AUB's beach and sports facilities. The American University of Beirut was founded in 1866 and follows the American liberal arts model of higher education. Located in Ras Beirut, AUB campus offers panoramic views of the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea and close proximity to Beirut's main attractions. For further information about these programs please check this link: or email


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